Rochester Monument

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Two piece single monument in Indian jet black granite etched with portrait
on the front and 23rd psalm on back.  Full sculpted lilies on the side.


Family Monument in Indian red granite. 
Single beveled marker for the grave.


Two piece single monument in unpolished barre grey granite.
Deep cut cultivated rose and cross design.




Double slant on base in select dark barre grey granite.
Morning glories carved on each side.


Double monument in Canadian pink granite.  Shaped carved
wild rose design.





Canadian pink double monument with 2" bas relief blessed
mother in heart niche.  Deep cut cultivated roses.
Double two piece monument in Indian red granite;
full sculpted angels on end.
Back of Connors' monument; frosted letters.
Misty black granite two piece double monument;
dogwood design with hummingbird.

Four piece single monument tablet, vase, and base in jet black granite.
Angel statue in China grey granite, chisel cut letters. 
  Single two piece monument, Indian red granite. 
Carved with angel in church window, niche chiseled back 3/8"















Veteran's Memorial at the Greece Town Hall.  Started in 1999 - We
 add names to it each year.  There are over six thousand
 names engraved on the memorial.









Below are before photos - before cleaning the monument






Below are after photos - after cleaning the monument